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2016/02/12 - 11:39

This is beautiful - I'm from the UK but don't live there any more and missed this but I think its a great way to talk about so many different things about the complexity, contradictions and plurality inherent in identity. The poem is beautiful and the video is just amazing! In my opinion we need more discussion about the many different identities that make up lots of european countries and to recognise and celebrate them when we can and to learn from our mistakes from the past. Thank you.

2012/11/07 - 15:22

I was at The Stand, Newcastle on 6 November to see Andi perform and was given a flyer with the details.
Today I've chatted to our Media teacher, Sid Stobart, here at Boldon School and we think this is a great opportunity to use with the students to reproduce a few one liners with iconic locations in the north east of England!
Susie Thorell

2012/09/04 - 14:43

Brilliant - brilliant poem and brilliant idea

Andi Osho
2012/07/22 - 11:54

Oh dear Mac. Your comment is wonderfully ironic

2012/07/13 - 12:37

What a negative view. Does it really sum up Britain today? If so, it's a depressing thought.

2012/07/02 - 12:59

I saw Andi do this at the close of her Afroblighty set at Soho Theatre in 2010 and though it was stunning tour de force which has resonated with me ever since. So my friend and I are DEFINITELY going to contribute to this fantastic project!

2012/06/25 - 19:43

So glad this wonderful piece will get the audience it deserves

Mrs A
2012/06/24 - 23:29

This project is a brilliant idea.
I'm a drama teacher and I'm hoping to run Arts Awards in my school in September. Sadly, it means we can't enter, but I plan to make our own version. Using you as inspiration. Thank you, Andi.

(Don't suppose you'd want to come in and talk to the students!!)

2012/06/24 - 13:03

Really cool :)

2012/06/18 - 18:23

Can`t wait to get started on this :)

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