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I am Hindley and Carr
And Brady and Crippen.
I’m a Biggs, a Leeson,
A Ripper, a Shipman.
I am Live Aid,
I’m “couldn’t care less”.
I am Lockerbie,
I am a dead princess.
I’m Trooping the Colour,
and bravery, valour.
I am hidden agendas
I am the War of Terror
I’m abandoned collieries
I am closed down docks
I am Brixton burning
I am Fletcher and Blakelock
I am Primark and Harrods
and Tesco’s and Prada.
I’m organic and flown
From Peru to your larder.
I am generic high streets.
I am actor-stroke-chugger.
I am benefit cheat,
I am ten year old mugger.
I’m a Christian, a Muslim,
A Hindu, a Jew,
Agnostic, A Jedi,
An atheist too.
I am six week holidays
I am teachers’ strikes
I am exams getting easier
I’m happy slapping and fights
I am metal detectors
In colleges and schools
I’m murder rates falling
Except for the youth
I am privatisation.
I am jobs for all.
I’m “things can only get better”,
I am downing tools.

Forthcoming Screenings

The next theatrical screening is as part of the
Norwich Film Festival on April 17th 2015.

Check out their
Facebook Page for showtimes.

Or just click through below....

Past Festival Screenings

Red Dirt International Film Festival Oklahoma, USA 19 - 20 Sept 2014

Seoul International Extreme Short Image & Film festival

Seoul, South Korea

25 - 29 Sept 2014

The Other Venice Film Festival

Venice, CA

10 -12 Oct 2014

Twin Cities Film Fest

Minneapolis, USA

16 - 25 Oct 2014

Screen Stockport Film Festival

Stockport, UK

16 Oct 2014

Bottle Cap Film Festival

Newcastle-Under-Lyme, UK

8 Nov 2014

Aesthetica Short Film Festival

York, UK

6 - 9 Nov 2014

TriForce Short Film Festival

BAFTA, London, UK

22 Nov 2014

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