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I'm freedom of speech,
I have nothing to say.
I’m chip paper tomorrow
Yet news today.

I am the angry Daily Mail,
I am the loony left...
The stoic, the conscious,
The confused, the bereft.

I am the squandered youth, 
I am the hopeful young.
I’m the desperate few,
The sense of one.

I am Wimbledon
I am The Olympics
I am the Ashes
Four Nations and '66

I’m pomp and circumstance,
I’m a hideous past.
I am colonial might,
I am built to last.

I am the Rainbow Warrior,
Walk four abreast past the Cenotaph.
I am two World Wars,
I am the working class.

I am the influx, the exodus,
The growth, the dross.
I’m the wars, the victories, 
The senseless loss.

I am struck by the king's horse
I'm a Greenham Common tent
I am ladettes and glass ceilings
I am 51%

I’m abandoned collieries
I’m closed down docks
I’m Brixton burning
I am Fletcher and Blakelock

I am Live Aid,
I’m “couldn’t care less”.
I am Lockerbie,
I am a dead princess.

I am Hindley and Carr
And Brady and Crippen.
I’m a Biggs, a Leeson,
A Ripper, a Shipman.

I’m miracle births,
I am Beachy Head
I’m drug fucked and drunk
I am the walking dead

I am the BNP,
I’m every race and creed
From blue-black to bluey-white
And all that’s between.

I’m institutionally racist
I’m ethnically diverse 
I am PC gone mad
I am things getting worse

I am Primark and Harrods
and Tesco’s and Prada.
I’m organic and flown
From Peru to your larder.

I’m sticky back plastic 
I am flower pot men
I’m Rainbow and Bod
and Magpie, Mr Benn

I’m waiting in line
I am “Right to reply”
I’m “Dear BBC...”
I am “Why, Oh, Why, Oh Why”

I’m the Rovers Return 
I am “Last orders, please”
I’m “Put your mouth on the tube sir,
and breathe”

I’m disabled and able
I’m deaf, dumb and blind
I’m an homogenous one
I am one of a kind

I’m a Christian, a Muslim,
A Hindu, a Jew,
Agnostic, A Jedi, 
An atheist too.

I am mighty and broad,
I am all that is good.
I’m a sliver of land,
I am misunderstood.

I am complex and changing,
I’m stuck, incomplete.
I am empty and sparse,
I’m finite and replete.

I’m all of these things,
Inherent, innate.
It’s what makes me Britain
And what makes me great. 

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